May 2, 2011

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Approximate distribution of ya'll land (source)

There are currently four generally recognized properties that "y'all" follows:
  1. A replacement for the plural of you.
    • Example: "Y'all can use the internet at the same time!"
  2. An associative plural, including individuals associated but not present with the singular addressee.
    • Example: "Y'all can come over at around 10:30," Stephanie says.
      • Stephanie explains to John that John and John's friends, who are not present at the time, can come over at around 10:30. Stephanie is speaking to John, but treats John as a representative for others.
  3. An institutional plural addressed to one person representing a group.
    • Example: "Y'all sell the best candies, Mrs. Johnson."
      • Y'all is received by Mrs. Johnson who is the representative of a small candy business.
  4. A form used in direct address in certain contexts (e.g., partings, greetings, invitations, and vocatives)
    • Example: "Hey, y'all!"
      • A greeting that addresses a multitude of people without referencing a singular identity comprising that multitude
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November 24, 2009




US Military spending unjustified

Do this bother anyone else?

1. US Military spending has nearly doubled over the last 8 years.

2. We spend nearly 50% of taxes on military spending.

3. The US more than any other country and spends more than DOUBLE the total of the next 10 countries COMBINED.

Conclusion: We are spending too much money on defense that could be used for a lot of better things.

Can anyone explain why we need to be spending so much?